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Dream Consultancy Services

Piyush Kotadiya
Piyush Kotadiya
Smart50 rank: 32
Revenue: $1438761
Growth: 66.38%
Founders: Piyush Kotadiya, 29 Ruchir Parekh, 29
Head Office: Victoria
Employees: 45
Industry: Internet

All it took to start Dream Consultancy Services was $3,500 according to founders Piyush Kotadiya and Ruchir Parekh.

While they were studying at university the pair were working on a few projects for small businesses and were shocked to hear how much professional companies charged for a similar project.

“We got some ridiculous numbers which a small business owner cannot afford,” says Kotadiya.

“With this in mind we thought of starting a web design company from home to target small businesses.”

The pair started the business up by operating from home on their personal laptops with the bulk of their initial investment going on marketing.

The marketing and humble beginnings paid off as it only took a couple of months before Dream Consultancy Services moved into professional offices.

“Operating from home was the biggest challenge as business owners often wanted to meet us at our office and it was little hard for us to invite them to a home office,” says Kotadiya.

Business continues to grow for Dream Consultancy Services and the pair opened a new office in Sydney just three months ago which will be followed by offices in Queensland and Western Australia.

“We are still learning the industry as it is changing all the time,” says Kotadiya.

“It is the most dynamic industry ever, it changes a lot as new technology is introduced in the market.”

Dream Consultancy Services didn’t start off offering mobile services but with so many smartphones coming to the market, mobile website sales and iPhone sales have skyrocketed.

The next challenge is launching the business’s new product for social media marketing.

“Pricing our product competitively, expanding our operation to other states and refining the business processes will achieve growth for our company,” Kotadiya says.

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