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Justus Wilde
Justus Wilde
Smart50 rank: 31
Revenue: $7213698
Growth: 79.32%
Founders: Justus Wilde, 30
Head Office: New South Wales
Employees: 60
Industry: Internet

Justus Wilde founded digital web agency Amblique after noticing a distinct lack of "all-in-one" services for eCommerce providers.

His goal is “to drive online innovation”, particularly online retail.

The business has made the Smart50 list before and continues to go from strength to strength, turning over $7.2 million in the past year.

Since Wilde started Amblique back in 2006 the industry has continued to change.

“More competitors are entering the market, including international players which is changing the game,” he says.

“Focusing on a niche and local expertise is key.”

He’s stayed on track by strengthening his team, which he says is “the most important asset”, carefully listening to customers and being up front and honest when things don’t go to plan.

Wilde has particular experience in things not going to plan after Amblique nearly went under when the company bit off more than it could chew in delivering a large project.

Since then Wilde has been more careful in scaling the business appropriately.

“Since then we have had a good run; luck always plays a big part,” he says.

“Whenever we seem to get close to a point where we might struggle we seem to be able to land a new deal.”

There’s no exit plan for Wilde at this stage but he says he has started a few side projects to broaden his own knowledge and skills.

For now it’s all about growing Amblique further through partnerships and what Wilde describes as “aggressive marketing”.

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