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Plus Fitness

John Fuller
John Fuller

Nigel Miller
Nigel Miller
Smart50 rank: 28
Revenue: $7937091
Growth: 83.91%
Founders: John Fuller, 43 Nigel Miller, 39
Head Office: New South Wales
Employees: 14
Industry: Other

The fitness industry has gone through dramatic changes in the past four years according to the founders of Plus Fitness, John Fuller and Nigel Miller.

The pair spotted the shifting landscape back in 2008 and made a decision to move away from the traditional “big box” health club to a low cost model.

“We saw the demand from the consumer move more towards low cost, easy access, convenient gyms,” says Miller.

“Having moved ahead of the game and developed our own low cost, no contract, 24-hour gym model when we did has without doubt paid off for us.”

“It has ensured that our brand has survived and prospered amidst the insurgence of international competitors such as Anytime Fitness and Snap Fitness.”

The Plus Fitness model is one Miller says “suits the market perfectly” offering 24-hour access at $13 per week with no contracts.

Plus Fitness has also benefitted from adopting a franchise model after originally starting out as an independent owner-operator business with four traditional gyms.

“Our reason for then starting our now franchise business was driven by us wanting to grow and expand our business and brand without losing the strong service driven culture we had worked hard to develop,” Miller explains.

“The drive behind our desire for growth rests with our passion to improve the strength, fitness and wellbeing of all Australians, something our staff and franchisees alike share a passion for and do on a daily basis.”

The business has exceeded all of Fuller and Miller’s growth goals ahead of schedule in NSW and Western Australia.

The next step is expansion in Victoria and with two outlets opened in four weeks, Miller says Plus Fitness is well positioned for further growth and meeting its target of 100 franchises by the end of June 2013.

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