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Jetts Fitness

Smart50 rank: 26
Revenue: $78502000
Growth: 85.43%
Founders: Brendon Levenson, 34
Head Office: Queensland
Employees: 32
Industry: Personal and other services

The fitness market is so saturated it would be hard to imagine any new entry getting a foot in the door. But in just five years, Brendon Levenson has turned Jetts Fitness into a 169-location strong franchise with revenue of more than $78 million.

The market has been shifting towards more convenience in clubs, with users demanding 24-hour access and cheaper rates.

Levenson has taken those demands and run with them.

“The business model was purposely kept simple as a 24-hour, seven day a week business in 300-350sqm with cardio and strength equipment at exceptional value.”

“It ensured that members were not paying for all the extras likes pools, classes and facilities that over 170,000 members have told Jetts that they do not require.”

With 169 locations, Levenson is expanding qucikly – and profitably too – 95% of the clubs are now profitable, a rate Levenson says he’s proud of.

Making your club stand out from the rest of a crowded market requires dedication, and a solid effort in marketing. Levenson signed the company up for a campaign on Open Heart Day, which raised $38,000 for the

Heart Foundation – and brought 3,800 new members across the network.

But Levenson wants to make sure the company never slows down in generating new ideas, even as the management team has doubled over the past 24 months. The company runs “think tank” sessions every year to make sure staff have an input.

The executive team and one “rising star” are taken away for a retreat where they can work on new ideas for the business that aren’t a part of the usual plan.

The rest of the staff have access to a career development program called “Fast Track”, which allows the team to get input on what’s working and what needs to change.

Levenson has no intentions of slowing down, with plans for 500 clubs internationally along the way to a detailed exit strategy. For the next year, however, it’s all about opening more clubs and making sure they stay profitable.

“The key to our business is a relentless pursuit of consistency.”

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