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Reload Media

Llew Jury
Llew Jury
Smart50 rank: 20
Revenue: $4,057,662
Growth: 91.55%
Founders: Llew Jury, 38
Head Office: Queensland
Employees: 55
Industry: Internet

Conquering the world is never easy and it’s often the little things that present the biggest challenges. For Reload Media, a Brisbane-based digital marketing firm focusing on search engine optimisation and search engine marketing, one such little challenge was the time differences between headquarters and overseas offices in Auckland and London.

Founder Llew Jury has found two solutions.

“We have addressed the issue by adjusting hours for staff in our Brisbane office to align with business hours in our international offices,” he says.

“Also, we invested in high speed IT infrastructure to support real-time Google Hangout communications. This has increased the support available between our head office and our international personnel and the subsequent success of our international offices has greatly increased export leads and sales.”

The business, which turned over more than $4 million in 2011-12 and has produced average annual growth of 91.5% over the past three years, is now setting its sights closer to home.

“Over the next 12 months our goal is to continue to grow key international markets. South-East Asia is of particular interest as the proximity of our Brisbane headquarters poses worthwhile opportunities to affordably access emerging markets,” Jury says.

“Another aspect of our growth strategy is the alignment of good people. As the business continues to grow so too does our demand for digital natives. Therefore, a key part of our growth strategy is to hire and retain more of the best and brightest to cope with our growth and continued efforts for success.”

When asked to nominate his biggest challenge in the business, Jury raises the entrepreneurs’ eternal lament: cashflow.

But Jury moved to address the issue early on in his business.

“We employed people whose job was to chase down money, which allowed us to fund everything we did and ensure we had the ability to grow.”

Very, very smart advice.

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