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Job Capital

Jo Burston
Jo Burston
Smart50 rank: 13
Revenue: $37,000,000
Growth: 113.47%
Founders: Jo Burston, 40
Head Office: New South Wales
Employees: 12
Industry: Other

Jo Burston started human resources firm Job Capital in 2006 and has since then enjoyed massive success, turning over $37 million, with a growth rate above 100% for several years.

But it wasn’t until three months ago that Burston actually introduced a board and executive team.

For quite some time Burston has focused on making things work on her own; self-educated on business topics ranging from accounting and finance to information technology. This has created some “massive challenges” – which is where the new board comes in.

“I have had to remain very strong in my belief of myself to retain the resilience required to get up fast when knocked over and create a support network around me, such as mentors and other entrepreneurs.”

Burston started the business when she spotted an opportunity to help businesses reduce the cost of running payroll by providing an outsourcing service. The company covers not only payroll and salary services but general human resources functions as well.

Burston has suffered some key challenges – including the death of her father during the first two years of the business – but a focus on the company has allowed it to succeed.

There have been several other issues since then as well. With all the changes regarding workplace relations, Job Capital has spent a large amount of time updating its own resources to comply with new legislation.

“It’s been very time and resource exhaustive. I believe personally a better, level system is way overdue.”

Yet even with several years of strong growth, Burston has no intention of slowing down, with the company in the middle of rolling out new cloud-based features, as well as plans to expand with more distribution networks.

But Burston doesn’t see it all as work – she says when entrepreneurs start viewing their business as a weight, it’s time to move on.

“If you’re not having fun and enjoying what you do, forget it. Relentless passion and persistence is something I don’t even think about, it’s just within me.”

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