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Latitude Insights

Dianne Gardiner
Dianne Gardiner
Smart50 rank: 14
Revenue: $4,567,917
Growth: 112.53%
Founders: Dianne Gardiner, 41
Head Office: Victoria
Employees: 19
Industry: Other

Social media has become such a huge part of doing business now that monitoring what’s being said about your company online is a necessity.

This is exactly the need Dianne Gardiner noted when she started Latitude Insights in 2007, which has skyrocketed to become a $4.5 million business with a growing client list, that continues to seek out experts in an area where they have little expertise.

“The pace of technology change is challenging the market research industry. The industry needs to adapt and change to recognise more and more data is readily available.”

“The challenge is using the data, interpreting it and making sense of it for clients.”

Growth doesn’t come without its challenges, however, as the company has undergone some changes as it continues to mature.

“New people create new dynamics and existing team members may feel unsettled by the rapid changes,” Gardiner says.

However, the company engaged in an unusual approach – it engaged a psychological coach to help the growth process and in order to “undertake individual consultants with established team members to understand how they were coping and uncover any potential issues that need to be addressed”.

There is certianly no sign of slowing down here. With social networking booming, Gardiner says the current plan is to stay abreast of any major changes, and keep attracting new clients.

“The current plan is to build the business to a sustainable level and ensure the business is groomed for sale at any point.”

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