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Marble Group

Gary Denton
Gary Denton

Lee Corbitt
Lee Corbitt
Smart50 rank: 10
Revenue: $41,567,924
Growth: 119.55%
Founders: Gary Denton, 40, Lee Corbitt, 32
Head Office: New South Wales
Employees: 52
Industry: Property and business services

Recruitment company Marble Group grew strongly during the global financial crisis, but this year founder Gary Denton says it’s faced an equally daunting event – a total rebrand.

The company, now known as just “Marble”, has undergone a complete brand transformation across its entire network, which involves more than just an aesthetic change.

“The brand has changed, and that obviously comes with a lot of pretty big changes within the group itself,” Denton says.

The business, which focuses on recruitment in the resource, construction, engineering and oil & gas sectors, has opened more locations, with more planned for 2013, including openings in Queensland and New Zealand. That expansion is necessary given the company’s growth – it grew by 119% last year to reach $41 million in revenue.

At the heart of this rebrand, Denton says, is the ideal that the company leaves a positive trail of work within its clients.

"As we come into contact with thousands of people each year, it's how we leave people feeling that is at the heart of a successful recruiter."

But there are challenges that come with being six years old.

“Our increasing supply of temp workers to clients has seen our receivables ledger blow out considerably. In this climate, a lot of our major accounts (being large organisations) will only do business under very advantageous payment terms for them.”

Denton says the amount of outsourcing has increased as businesses look to cut costs, which puts Marble in a prime position for even more growth.

“There are still significant, and what appear to be sustained, shortages of suitably experienced and qualified professionals and trades candidates within the mining, engineering and construction sectors.”

“While this continues to present challenges, our model, which focuses on extremely finite verticals within these sectors, means our networks run deep and we continue to be extremely well placed to identify and introduce rare talent to our client partners.”

Denton says continued success, however, will depend on organic growth and coaching and recruiting the right talent.

“Overall, to nurture an environment where people feel their ideas are valued and openly welcomed will allow you to create a fertile breeding ground for original thought.”

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