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Aunty B: When will I ever have “free time” away from my business?

Dear Aunty B, I've always been my own boss and loved the flexibility that it has offered me, especially when my kids were little. The...


Aunty B: Should I make my star performer a manager?

Dear Aunty B, Last year my business went through a growth spurt, which involved me hiring several new employees. Until now, all my employees have...

Business Advice

Aunty B: Speaking in public scares me silly — please help!

Dear Aunty B,  I’ve been asked to speak at industry event for the first time next month and the thought of getting up on a...

People & Human Resources

Aunty B: My employee just asked for a pay rise and I don’t know how to respond

Dear Aunty B, One of my sales executives has recently asked for me for a pay rise. They’ve been with our company for around 10...


Aunty B: My email inbox is out of control and I’m not getting any work done – Help!

Dear Aunty B, I’ve become one of those people I can’t stand – I’m forever complaining about how many emails are in my inbox and...


Aunty B: What’s the right way to interrupt a colleague who just won’t shut up?

Dear Aunty B, I read your column last week in which you offered some advice to a business owner who was having trouble running effective...


Aunty B: My staff are hopeless at team meetings – help!

Dear Aunty B, My business partner and I have somehow managed to employ a group of people who seem completely incapable of running or participating...


Aunty B: My staff are not happy working from home – help!

Dear Aunty B, I've read plenty of articles and blogs advocating for flexibility in the workplace and as a result, I created a policy whereby...


Aunty B: I don’t know how to let my employee do their job – help!

Dear Aunty B, I own a consulting business and for four years, it was pretty much just me running the show. I got very good...


Help! I think my colleagues are having an affair

Dear Aunty B, Two of my colleagues are having an affair (one is married), and it starting to affect me and the other employees. Normally,...

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Webinar: Improving management and leadership


With the modern workplace evolving into an older workforce as average retirement ages spikes, leadership techniques may need to be re-examined for employees and employers...
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