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todayFriday, 24 October 2014

Best of the Web: Ebola panic grips the US; Marc Andreessen on diversity; and cloned puppies for sale

With the fear of Ebola spreading at a much faster rate than the virus, The New Yorker takes time out from the hysteria to trace the origins of this latest outbreak. by Bronwen Clune

The Lighter Side: Forget beach blanket bingo, tech conference bingo's all the rage

It's a little game that all the cool kids are playing: tech conference bingo. by Cara Waters

todayFriday, 24 October 2014

Wearable technology will not bring about a health revolution

The focus on the health aspects of wearables is part of a general trend amongst technology journalists who predict a “coming revolution in healthcare” as a result of these devices. by David Glance

Is this the new Gmail? Google trials next-generation Gmail service called Inbox

Google is trialling a new email service called Inbox that integrates additional information from the web into a message inbox and has a range of features to help keep users organised. by Andrew Sadauskas

Twitter launches mobile app development platform

Twitter has launched an app development framework called Fabric, allowing developers to easily integrate the social media giant’s sign-in systems and ad network into their apps. by Andrew Sadauskas

Microsoft reveals its latest Azure developer: IBM

Microsoft has signed a major deal with IBM that will see key IBM enterprise software become available for Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, while some of Microsoft’s software will become available for IBM Cloud. by Andrew Sadauskas

What's next for the smartphone in a rapidly changing market?

From augmented reality to 3D screens, we will see a lot of new capabilities in the smartphones coming onto the market in the next few years. by David Tuffley

yesterdayThursday, 23 October 2014

Google Android 5.0 Lollipop first look review: Gadget Watch

A week ago, Google launched the latest major update to its Android operating system, officially revealing the L version will be known as 5.0 Lollipop. by Andrew Sadauskas

Why Mozilla’s developer evangelist just praised Microsoft: Best of the Web

Mozilla’s developer evangelist, Christian Heilmann, is perhaps the last person you would expect to be an advocate for Microsoft, especially given the long rivalry between Internet Explorer and Firefox. by Andrew Sadauskas
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