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yesterdayThursday, 27 November 2014

High-flying vision: Australian tech entrepreneur Simon Hackett backs geospatial imaging firm

Australian tech entrepreneur Simon Hackett has become a cornerstone investor in an ASX-listed small-cap mining firm White Star Resources, which in turn is being used as a vehicle to acquire geospatial mapping firm Spookfish. by Andrew Sadauskas

Heirs say tanks for the shares: Samsung sells defence and petrochemical divisions as part of Lee family succession plan

Samsung Group has sold four of its companies in the defence and petrochemicals industries and has started a share buyback scheme for Samsung Electronics, as the Lee family tightens its grip on the conglomerate. by Andrew Sadauskas

Kogan makes another play at the low-cost smartphone market with a bigger battery than the Apple iPhone 6

Kogan is releasing an upgraded version of its smartphone and is cutting the price of its existing model as competition intensifies in the low-end of the smartphone market. by Andrew Sadauskas

yesterdayThursday, 27 November 2014

PR lessons from Uber

Uber has made a lot of mistakes in its latest PR mishap, what can other businesses learn from them? by Paul Wallbank

What to do when your biggest friend is also a foe – a lesson from Mozilla: Control Shift

Mozilla's choice of Yahoo! over Google is a case study for what to do if your biggest customer becomes a competitor. by Andrew Sadauskas

Why writing a novel is still not a job for artificial intelligence: Best of the Web

While mechanisation has historically been limited to repetitive blue-collar jobs, some have suggested that traditionally middle class creative jobs could be next. by Andrew Sadauskas

Jordan King, APAC business development director for Vend: My Best Tech

Jordan King’s favourite piece of tech helps him to keep his information secure without the headache of remembering long passwords. by Andrew Sadauskas

Microsoft Nokia Lumia 530 Australian video review: Gadget Watch

Can a decent Windows Phone be had on a budget? It’s time to find out in this video review. by Andrew Sadauskas

Will Microsoft be the biggest communications company in the world?

Recently, we have seen quite a few things coming out of Microsoft indicating the direction the tech giant will be heading, and in my view, some of the news has been inevitable. by David Markus
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