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todayTuesday, 5 May 2015

MailChimp reveals the most popular emoji for email newsletter subject lines

Email newsletter provider MailChimp has released figures showing the 10 emoji most commonly used in email newsletter subject lines, one day after Instagram revealed more than one-in-three Australian posts on its social photo app now use emoji. by Andrew Sadauskas

Mozilla phasing out support for websites without HTTPS in Firefox

Mozilla has begun phasing out support for websites that don’t use HTTPS encryption, with new features in Firefox to be limited to secure websites and access to existing browser features to be slowly phased out on non-secure websites. by Andrew Sadauskas

Guy Kawasaki: Eight ways to be an evangelist for your business

Ahead of his keynote address at the CeBIT conference in Sydney, Guy Kawasaki shares his tips for how you can be an evangelist for your business. by Cara Waters

Nine business podcasts you should be listening to

Podcasts are short, sharp and able to be accessed while you’re on the go, perfect for SME owners interested in discovering new ways to improve their company. by Cameron Magusic

yesterdayMonday, 4 May 2015

Entrepreneur Dave Goldberg dies suddenly

Dave Goldberg, the chief executive of internet survey company SurveyMonkey died suddenly on the weekend. by Cara Waters

Apple’s iPad Pro rumoured to include built-in Apple Pay payments terminal

Apple is rumoured to be considering including payment-receiving terminal capabilities in its upcoming iPad Pro tablet. by Andrew Sadauskas

37% of Australian Instagram posts now contain emoji

Australian social media users are increasingly turning to emoji to communicate, with Instagram publishing figures showing more than one-in-three Australian posts on the social photo app now use emoji. by Andrew Sadauskas

Friday, 1 May 2015

Australian businesses offer helping hand to Nepal, with Brisbane software developer NetEngine leading the way

A Brisbane software development company and outdoor retailer Kathmandu are among the Australian businesses helping the relief effort in Nepal. by Cameron Magusic

Thursday, 30 April 2015

An increasingly competitive marketplace makes apps a vital ingredient in keeping customers engaged

Keeping customers satisfied may seem a challenge in these competitive times where comparisons of a service you provide can be made against your competitor – all in just a few clicks. by Dennis Benjamin
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