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todayFriday, 19 September 2014

The GoPro video; digital paper; and prison gangs: Best of the Web

We’ve analysed the selfie to death, and now it’s time to turn our cultural attention to the phenomenon that is the GoPro video. by Bronwen Clune

yesterdayThursday, 18 September 2014

The art of developing and unveiling a new tech product: Control Shift

As I’ve discussed in Control Shift over the past couple of weeks, the months before Christmas are the peak season for new gadgets being unveiled. But what goes on in the lead-up to these big product reveals? by Andrew Sadauskas

Competition in payments means it's time for SMEs to strike some deals

Apple's entry into the payments industry shows it's time to renegotiate your bank fees, but it's not just your bank you should be demanding a better deal from. by Paul Wallbank

What to expect in Windows 9: Best of the Web

The hype has barely died down from Apple’s announcement of a new iPhone, yet already the rumour mills are twirling about the next big piece of tech news to hit the world. by Andrew Sadauskas

Jackie Steele and Becky Dyer from Body Beyond Birth: My Best Tech

Jackie Steele and Becky Dyer are the co-Founders of Body Beyond Birth, an online postnatal health and exercise program designed by two Sydney mums for mums. by Andrew Sadauskas

Apple iPhone 6 first impressions: Gadget Watch

At this point, you would probably have needed to be trekking through a particularly remote corner of the outback not to have heard about the latest iterations of Apple’s iPhone series. by Andrew Sadauskas

The case for being weird and remarkable

We are all part of the biggest social experiment since at least the Victorian Age, and it’s actually very exciting. by Fi Bendall

Tim Cook’s statement of intent: It’s time to connect with your customers

I believe the Apple Watch can be to watch-wearing what JK Rowling’s Harry Potter was to reading for young people – game changing! by Dennis Benjamin

Are phishing attacks on cloud data preventable?

Make sure your business doesn't take the bait when hackers go phishing for your data. by David Markus
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