Are you really using the right website platform for your small business?

Are you using the best website platform or technology for your business? Well you’d have to be, right? You asked lots of web professionals and...
Bill Gates reading


Bill Gates says robots should pay tax, and we should be planning how they’ll pay it

Bill Gates believes we should start planning how robots will pay taxes now, before the world gets too overexcited about the rollout of a...
Woman using a computer


Is NBN Co’s chief executive right when he says Australians aren’t interested in ultra-fast broadband?

By David Glance, University of Western Australia Whilst announcing NBN Co’s 2017 half year results, chief executive Bill Morrow stated that there was little market demand...
Man looking at his mobile


Google Maps now lets your customers save their favourite locations and share them with friends

Savvy small businesses now have another opportunity to stick in the minds of their customers, thanks to the latest feature to be added to...
Woman using a mobile and computer


SMEs searching for social skills, but LinkedIn’s the platform of choice

Small and medium businesses are hungry for more information about how to use social media to grow their businesses, with many admitting they’ve so...
BlackBerry Classic launches in Australia


Blackberry’s share of the global smartphone market drops to 0% as the company makes software its focus

While many SME owners may fondly remember the heydey of Blackberry phones, recent research reveals the company's days of being a major player in the...


What’s popular in SEO?

As an experiment last week, I tweeted President Donald Trump. I got the expected spike in the number of tweets, around 430 thousand impressions,...
Nokia 3310 phone


Nokia will re-release its iconic “brick” phone and fans are rejoicing

Once, in a time long past, mobile phones were built with batteries that lasted for weeks, LCD plastic screens, and virtually indestructible bodies. Sure they...


Cloud computing comes of age, but websites are a challenge for SMEs: SmartCompany Tech Survey

Small and medium businesses have heard the words “cloud computing” continually bandied about over recent years but it appears SMEs are now starting to...
watching TV


3D television is dead, so what’s next?

By Marc C-Scott, Victoria University Back in 2010 Sony Australia’s Paul Colley forecasted that a large percentage of Australian viewers would have 3D televisions by 2014. In...

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Upskilling is key to job security


Is Australia facing a skills shortage? According to a recent Manpower Group survey of more than 1500 companies, 38% of respondents reported challenges filling...
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