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Security expert reveals cyberweapon fears as Anonymous attack CIA

Online security expert Eugene Kaspersky has revealed his fears of cyberweapons and cyberterrorism, after Anonymous attacked the CIA website last weekend.

In the interview, Kaspersky explains that military weapons such as stealth fighters are already connected to the internet, and that the Stuxnet worm had set a precedent for the use of cyberweapons by a national government.

In spite of the risks, Kaspersky points out that there is no international treaty governing the use of cyberweapons, and claims that it may take a "cyber-Hiroshima" before complacent governments begin taking the national security risks of cyberwarfare seriously.

During the interview, Kaspersky also expresses concern that members of online "hacktivist" group Anonymous might grow up to be cyberterrorists if not monitored closely, and points out that cybercrime already has a negative impact on the world economy.

The interview comes after Anonymous took credit for attacks on the CIA website over the weekend.

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