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John Moss is the chief strategy officer for accounting software group MYOB, and has previously held senior positions at Sensis, Arthur Anderson and Booz Allen & Hamilton.

Experiencing a couple of burglaries has kept data at the forefront of Moss’s mind. His search for a solution in keeping data safe led him to his preferred back-up solution – Mozy.

“We’re an Apple household other than my son, who remains in the Windows world. But Mozy takes that in its stride and for me is a better solution than Apple’s Time Machine as back-up is offsite.”

“Setting up on our iMac, MacBook and Windows laptop was simple and within minutes we’d all set up Mozy to back-up our valuable content – be it university assignments, household budgets or family videos, it all gets stored in the cloud and can be restored anywhere.”

“There are other online back-up services available, and I trialled a few of them, but for me Mozy wins every time – a real case of a solution fitting my needs perfectly.”

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