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Australia’s 20 best business blogs: 2014

Australia’s 20 best business blogs: 2014

Looking for some inspiration or expert advice to improve your business? The internet has a wealth of resources, with handy hints from fellow business owners and experts.   

Keeping up with the daily challenges of running a business isn’t enough for some entrepreneurs, so some have decided to blog about their experiences and expertise.

From bookkeeping tips to search engine marketing, there’s a blog for every business topic. 

And if reading these blogs has inspired you to start your own blog, read our handy guide on how blogging can help build your business. Here’s SmartCompany’s list of blogs (not in any order of preference) that will get you thinking in new ways about your own business.

1. Rob Nixon

Rob Nixon is an entrepreneur who has been running successful businesses since 1986. Nixon says accountants intrigue him, and over the years he has trained them, consulted to them, coached them, researched them and visited thousands of them. This blog details some of his thoughts and findings and is useful even if your business isn’t an accountancy firm, dealing with topics such as outsourcing. 

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