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Commonwealth Bank launches new online ID check

The Commonwealth Bank has introduced new features into its online banking platform, now allowing users to open savings accounts or credit cards without having to enter a physical branch to confirm ID checks.

The new system, called Electronic Customer Verification, works by having customers enter identification numbers from drivers licenses, passports or other documents. The bank then confirms their identity based on databases.

"We are one of the first banks in Australia to offer prospective customers this functionally – and it demonstrates our commitment to offering superior customer service and to make it easier for customers to bank with us when it suits them," executive general manager of direct channels Quentin Boyes says.

"In less than 10 minutes new customers apply for a bank account without having to visit a branch – making opening a new account or applying for a new credit card more convenient than ever."

The bank also said it will be updating its online banking platform to ensure users have to use "fewer clicks" to get to where they want to go.

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