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“We’re known for our Stories”: How Tribe Skincare founder Kayla Houlihan created a community of devotees and a multimillion-dollar e-commerce brand

Tribe Skincare founder Kayla Houlihan is the creator of a multimillion brand, but she still makes a point of carving out time in her busy schedule to go live on Instagram Stories every day.

“Brands need to be doing Stories,” she tells SmartCompany from Torquay, on Victoria’s surf coast.

“And it’s good to have a face to the brand, or someone jumping on every day

“A familiar face helps build brand trust.”

But it’s not only a trust-building exercise. On days she didn’t have time to talk directly to the brand’s 57,000 Instagram followers, there was a clear, negative effect on sales.

A personal touch is a key ingredient to Tribe Skincare’s millions in sales and smashing of industry standards on key e-commerce metrics.

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RETAIL Spotlight to offer Harris Scarfe lifeline, but uncertainty remains for stores and staff
Since collapsing, approximately 500 employees have lost their jobs.
PETER STONG Associations representing over one million SMEs will today discuss how the government should help protect businesses from coronavirus
“Small business owners and their employees will be at the centre of the impact and the centre of any response.”
ECONOMY One word repeated nine times explains the Reserve Bank’s latest cash rate cut
You guessed it. It’s “coronavirus”.
TECH Apple to pay out $760 million over claims it deliberately slowed down aging iPhones
Users have long suspected Apple of designing phones to die.
NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard wants to replace handshakes with back-pats — but should we just ditch awkward greetings altogether?

We should stop shaking hands for the time being in order to help slow the spread of coronavirus, says NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard.

It’s a suggestion that comes as many of us have grappled our entire careers with how to greet different professional acquaintances in different scenarios.

Is a handshake upon introduction always necessary?

Do the rules differ during a networking event or dinner?

Can we finally declare that it’s professionally acceptable to simply say ‘hello’?

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RIGHT IS WRONG Your need to be right is holding your business back

“Sorry to pop your bubble, but your constant rightness is counter-productive.”

Do you work in digital, design or tech? You don't want to miss this event

Two days, 20-plus speakers, iconic venue and amazing content.

Business essentials: Connecting SMEs with industry leaders, trends and tech

The way we do business is changing — fast.

“It’s a no-brainer”: How to use feedback loops to fuel business growth

“When entering a business growth phase, customer feedback can be imperative to your success,” writes Jasper Boyschau.

“With the data sitting in front of you, it’s a no-brainer.

“It takes the guesswork out of it.

“Here are my top four ways to growth-hack your business with feedback loops.”

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LEGAL The FWC received 13,928 unfair dismissal applications last year: How to stay on the right side of the law

What constitutes a valid jurisdictional objection?

Small business grants now open

Got a big idea for your small business? Apply now. Applications close March 16.

In other news

Help is on the way. The Morrison government is expected to reveal an economic stimulus package within a matter of days, designed to help small businesses manage the financial fallout of the coronavirus crisis. The package is expected to be geared towards helping businesses manage cashflow, and helping them retain staff, while focusing on the travel, tourism and education sectors, and exporters.

Pass it on. The Reserve Bank has cut rates by 25 basis points, to a record low of 0.5%, and while the big four have passed on the rate to their customers, fintechs in the lending space were on the front foot. Athena Home Loans gleefully passed on the new rate to mortgage customers for the fourth time running, and neobank 86 400 — currently the only neobank offering mortgages — also leapt at the chance.

Money, money, money. Aussie unicorn Airwallex is reportedly in the process of raising yet another capital round, even as $27 million of the company’s funds remain frozen in connection with alleged fraudulent activity conducted on the platform.

No go. Social media behemoths Facebook and Twitter have both pulled out of the iconic SXSW tech conference in Austin, citing concerns about coronavirus. Twitter chief Jack Dorsey was booked as a keynote speaker, but has since banned all non-business critical travel, and is encouraging employees to work from home. 

Flat-packed power: IKEA is gearing up to start selling low-cost solar panel packages to Australian customers, in a partnership with Perth business SolarGain. The program will be rolled out to employees first, and is expected to be available to the public nationwide by July.

TRENDING Sydney startup InDebted scores $14 million in Series A funding, following 300% revenue growth

“It’s been a crazy journey so far.”

THIS TIME LAST YEAR Appster may have traded while insolvent and made $750,000 in “concerning” payments, liquidator claims

“Sometimes increases sound good, but it can also put you out of control.”