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Skin in the game and investment with heart: What does equity crowdfunding look like in the era of COVID-19?
UNCHARTED TERRITORY When the COVID-19 pandemic hit Australia, and the potential extent of the economic damage became clear, there was much concern about whether the startup sector was about to find itself in a funding drought.

But despite these initial concerns, not only have we seen startups at all levels continue to secure funding from VCs and angels, there has also been a relatively steady stream of successful equity crowdfunding campaigns.

Is this yet another trend COVID-19 is set to accelerate?
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JOBKEEPER Tax office grants additional time for some sole traders to report income

The ATO will give businesses under certain circumstances extra time to lodge their 2018-19 income tax returns.

LEADERSHIP Women bosses bring profits: Company values soar $80m under female CEOs

A landmark new report has found a compelling link between female leadership and profitability, performance and productivity.

State-sponsored cyber attack hits Australia: What businesses need to do to protect themselves
BREAKING NEWS The federal government has published emergency cyber security guidelines for businesses after Prime Minister Scott Morrison revealed a wide-ranging cyber attack targeting Australia.

Speaking on Friday morning, Morrison said a state-based actor was likely behind the hack, which has targeted Australian government organisations, operators of critical infrastructure and private sector companies.

“The actions that we are taking are the actions that we need to take and we will continue to be as vigilant as we possibly can be,” Morrison says.

The government run Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) has published a series of guidelines overnight to help firms protect themselves from the attack, which is understood to be ongoing.
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COUNT DOWN JobKeeper will end in fewer than 100 days: Here’s what you need to know

Almost one million employers are expected to be booted off the payments on September 27.

DAVID VS GOLIATH Startup accuses Apple of “mafioso” behaviour after App Store rejection dispute

US startup Basecamp has accused the tech giant of a “shakedown”.

From “reverse” to 200% growth: Businesses relish domestic travel revival, but months of uncertainty lie ahead
A LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL For thousands of tourism-reliant businesses across the country, the twin impacts of the January bushfires and the pandemic have caused more cancellations than bookings in 2020.

Finally, after the longest and most gruelling summer in its history, Australia’s $60.8 billion tourism sector is starting to show signs of life.

Borders are opening, albeit tentatively, and residents are beginning to venture not just outside their houses, but hours away from them.

But underneath the green shoots there are still more reasons than not to be worried about the medium term future of tourism in Australia.
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EOFY Ten tax changes from July 1 that small businesses need to know about

The only constant about tax is change. Here are some of the adjustments coming into play from the new financial year.

From seven staff to sole trader, and doing better than ever

How Studio Marché founder Alisha Dunsford reset the scales and improved her business.

PASS THE PARCEL How the rise of Instagram, Facebook and email has changed the game for Australia Post

As fewer people write handwritten letters and more of us use social media to stay in touch, where does that leave Australia Post?

EXPLAINER Running your business from home? There’s a tax trap you need to know about

Are you considering making your digital office permanent? If so, there could be important CGT implications down the track.

How to stay ahead of the curve and capitalise on opportunities — on any budget

Customers are mirroring and rewarding the agility of businesses to adapt.”

Tax-time warning for SMEs: How always focusing on June 30 can blur your long-term vision
LOOKING AT THE BIG PICTURE Every year as June 30 approaches, the tax man looms large in the back of all SME owners’ minds.

In the lead-up, many will be looking to minimise how much tax they need to pay and, particularly this year, to take advantage of government rebates and assistance.

But no business should be acting solely in the interest of minimising tax.

To minimise tax, you’re likely to be minimising the profit that your business is making. Instead, business owners should prioritise what they are trying to achieve.
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Why now is the right time to work on your digital presence

This is possibly the best time to invest your resources into building your online presence.

TRENDING Tax-time reminder: Sole traders receiving JobKeeper and JobSeeker must declare payments as assessable income

With the end of the financial year looming, sole traders need to be careful to avoid nasty bills down the track.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT Government rules employee Uber rides now eligible for fringe benefits tax exemption

The change means employers will no longer have to require that staff take taxis, if they wish to claim the cost.