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Sunday, August 4, 2019
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'Whoops, our bad'

The big club of companies failing to safeguard consumer data grew again this week, with two notable additions.

National Australia Bank offered the equivalent of ‘whoops, our bad’ when it revealed the data of 13,000 customers was shared with third parties.

But at least the bank had the decency to tell everyone how bad the problem was — unlike cosmetics brand Sephora, which went into damage control this week over its own data breach.

Meanwhile, as NAB’s woes compound, competitors circle. Neobank Judo has just raised $400 million to take on the big four.

Speaking of woes, business owner Taryn Williams is in the market for some automated marketing services after Oracle oversold and underdelivered.

On a brighter note, here’s the tax office’s list of outrageous expense claims from last financial year — lego included— to make you chuckle.

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Matthew Elmas
SmartCompany news editor
Denied: The five most outrageous tax expense claims
Some absolute gems.
Sephora in damage control after Aussies’ data leaked
The encrypted passwords and “beauty preferences” of customers have been compromised.
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“To the detriment of almost every other stakeholder group.”
Neobank Judo Bank raises $400 million in biggest-ever Aussie funding round
“Taking banking for small business back to what it was a decade ago.”
NAB leaks personal data of 13,000 customers in embarrassing snafu
NAB leaks personal data of 13,000 customers in embarrassing snafu.
“We can’t actually do this”: Business owner furious as Oracle’s Bronto fails to deliver
“Literally just ignoring our calls and emails?”
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