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ANZ customers hit by “last payment” scam … Housing crisis to continue for 40 years … Vic government unveils cyber security strategy

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ANZ customers are being targeted by a new email scam that features a simple plaintext email warning recipients their “last payment was unsuccessful”.

Claiming to have been unable to contact the customer to rectify the failed payment, the scammers invite users to follow a link. Upon clicking on the email link, users are then taken to a convincingly fake ANZ website and asked to enter in their customer registration number and password.

Additionally, once entered, the fake website attempts to gather customers answers to their secret questions for password recovery.

The scam has been picked up by email spam protection company Mailguard, which reminds business operators to always check the email addresses they receive messages from, as well as website urls.

“One of the surest ways to detect a fake is to hover over the email sender name, or in this case also check the landing page URL, to see if it looks legitimate. In this case, the landing page resides at which is a clear indication that it’s not a genuine Internet Banking page hosted by the ANZ Bank,” Mailguard chief executive Craig McDonald said in a statement.

Housing crisis to continue for another 40 years according to reports

A study from the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) has revealed the issues plaguing Australia’s housing market are likely to continue for another 40 years unless major changes are made to the market, reports the ABC.

“Barring any major economic jolts, demand pressures are likely to continue over the next 40 years and supply constraints will continue,” CEDA said in the report.

“This is particularly the case in capital cities with a growing population and where an increasing proportion of Australia’s population are expected to reside.”

The report made a number of recommendations to improve this outcome, including more certainty and protection for long term renters and replacing stamp duty with an annual land tax.

Victorian government reveals first ever state cyber security strategy

The Victorian state government has released the first version of its statewide cyber security strategy, which was first announced in 2013, reports ITNews.

The strategy aims to offer a whole-of-government approach to protecting services and businesses from cyber attacks and includes a number of partnerships with businesses and organisations to ensure a cohesive approach.

“This 23-point strategy outlines the steps we are taking to improve cyber resilience, governance and approach both within government and with Victoria’s major infrastructure and service providers. It relies on collaboration across governments, across service providers, with the university sector and with Victoria’s vibrant technology sector,” Gavin Jennings, Victorian Special Minister of State said in a statement.

“Establishing and maintaining Victoria’s cyber resilience will be a long-term challenge requiring an ongoing commitment. The Government is prepared to meet that challenge.”

The state government is still to appoint a chief information security officer to oversee the strategy’s implementation.

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