Entrepreneurship needs feminism: How do we close the gender gap in Australian business?

How do we close the gender gap in Australian business?

We’ve explored the what and the why. So, how do we fix it?

It’s about acknowledging the biases everyone has, talking about them, and addressing them.

We need policy and leadership, and to take a hard look at the governments that are doing this stuff well.

Think about how you’re hiring, and make sure you’re bringing diversity into your business.

Share your stories. Talk about your mistakes. Back each other. Set an example, and talk about difficult topics with your kids.

And listen to Beyonce, always.

Because entrepreneurship needs feminism.


  • Eliiza CEO James Wilson;
  • Bring Me Home founder and CEO Jane Kou;
  • Rampersand co-founder and managing partner Paul Naphtali;
  • Mr Yum founder Kim Teo;
  • League of Extraordinary Women co-founder and CEO Sheryl Thai;
  • Synergie Skin founder Terri Vinson; and
  • Brandcrush co-founder and CEO Teresa Aprile.


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