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An end of financial year checklist for Australian small businesses

Dominic Powell /

Get ready to pop the champagne and delete the 120 emails from your accountant, it’s almost the end of the financial year — a time of much rejoicing for Australian business owners.

On the penultimate day of the financial year, you might be already keen to put your feet up, but even with mere hours left until July 1, there’s still a chance you’ve missed out on a key tax deduction or essential legal change that could throw you for a loop in the coming weeks.

As always, SmartCompany has a compendium of knowledge when it comes to tax tips and legal changes on July 1. For your peace of mind, take a quick second to run through our latest EOFY content (then you can get into the bubbly).

Dominic Powell

Dominic is the former features and profiles editor at SmartCompany.