Kiwi franchise SnorePro targets Aussie dentists for expansion plans

New Zealand-based franchise SnorePro has included Australia in its international expansion strategy, revealing plans to roll out up to 55 Australian franchises over the next 12 months.

SnorePro, which has been operating in New Zealand for 25 years, is a drug-free solution that helps stop snoring.

The device, which is placed over the mouth and nose, prevents the tongue and soft palate from blocking the airway by holding the lower jaw closed and slightly forward of its normal position.

Over the next 12 months, SnorePro will roll out up to 55 franchises in Australia, as part of a global expansion strategy that also includes China, Hong Kong, Macau and the Philippines.

The company has confirmed country master licensees with businesses in all of these countries, and is in the process of negotiating similar agreements in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

SnorePro has launched its first Australian operation in Brisbane, and a dental lab in Sydney now operates on its behalf.

According to Australian master franchisee Guy Thompson, the Australian franchise model is different to the New Zealand model.

“In Australia, it has to be through a dental professional. So there are a few options. It can either be through a dentist or a dental prosthetist, which is kind of the next level down from dentists,” Thompson told StartupSmart.

“Dentists or dental prosthetists would be the franchisee, 90% of the time. It would suit one of those guys being the franchisee.

“In New Zealand, the rules are a little different. A person outside the dental profession can take [dental impressions].”

Thompson says an Australian franchisee can expect to spend “anywhere from $20,000 upwards” on start-up costs. But the training, he says, is not that rigourous.

“Because franchisees will have a fair bit of experience, the training requirement is not too great… [It consist of] a few days of training to get up to speed,” he says.

In their first year of operation, Australian franchisees can expect to bring in about $70,000, Thompson says, although that is based on New Zealand figures.

The company isn’t looking at a particular state or region, although any town with less than 60,000 people is less likely to be considered.

Thompson says the beauty of SnorePro is that it applies to everyone.

“Roughly one in three households has a snorer, so the market is large,” he says.

“Snoring happens everywhere and it’s not limited by race, by religion or by anything else… [However,] there are very few options for people which are well marketed.”

On the company’s website, SnorePro Global owner Grant Stephen has outlined what the company is looking for in a franchisee.

“No previous experience in the industry is necessary, but you will need to have excellent interpersonal skills and business acumen to set up your own network,” he says.

“We offer excellent training and ongoing support, and also give you access to the latest in marketing and promotional material… Vendor finance is also available.”

This article first appeared on StartupSmart.


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