Aussie offspring to spend an estimated $1.36 billion for Mother’s Day

Australian sons and daughters will spend an estimated $1.36 billion this week to show how much they love their mums, according to an industry report.

Per capita spending in preparation for Mother’s Day this Sunday is expected to rise 3.4% from last year, to an average of $60, according to IBISWorld.

The report said most adults aged between 15 and 64 will spend approximately $88 on mum’s gift, up from $85 last year.

IBISWorld general manager Karen Dobie said men and younger adults are typically the biggest spenders.

‘‘Figures in the US show that men outspend women by around 60% when it comes to their mum, a trend that is also prevalent in the Australian market,’’ Dobie said.

‘‘Unfortunately for dads around the country, figures reveal that the average Australian spends almost double the amount on mum as they do on dad ($29.50) when Father’s Day comes around.’’

Dobie said gift cards would top Mother’s Day shopping lists for the second year running and were expected to grow by more than 10%.

“This is one of the fastest growing segments within the online space,” Dobie said.

IBISWorld reports that eating out will account for the largest share of Mother’s Day spending at 21.6%.

Money spent on Mother’s Day gifts this year in millions of dollars.


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