Australians unhappy with political leaders: Newspoll

The latest Newspoll shows Australians are not satisfied with their political leaders.

Voter satisfaction with Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s performance slipped three points to 28%, while opposition leader Tony Abbott’s satisfaction rate rose three points to 35%, suggesting more than half of voters are unhappy with the performance of both leaders.

More than 1200 people, from all states, were interviewed by phone for the poll.

Dissatisfaction with the PM’s performance rose four points to 62%, while Abbott’s dissatisfaction rating is 54%.

Julia Gillard’s trustworthiness since the election has slumped 17%, from 61 points at the 2010 election to 44 now.

Tony Abbott also fell back in the trustworthiness stakes – by four points to 54%.

Former prime minister Kevin Rudd’s trustworthiness rating before he was toppled in a party coup was 70%.

According to the poll, only 44% of voters think the PM is ‘in touch’ with ordinary people. Abbott’s rating is 60%.

On the question of who would make a better prime minister, Abbott leads 41% to to Gillard’s 39%, but a 20% remained uncommitted – possibly hoping for a new leader.


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