Dior opens first Australian store

Australians with a taste for luxury fashions were rejoicing last night with the opening of a flagship store for high-end fashion retailer Dior.

The three-story store opened on Castlereagh Street, in Sydney’s CBD, in a move designed to bring the brand into the Asia-Pacific market.

The brand was launched in 1947 in France and in the same year David Jones reproduced four Christian Dior garments for its “Paris Fashion for all” line.

In 1948 Dior brought 50 original pieces to Australia for the first time.

In a report in The Australian, Christian Dior Couture chief executive Sidney Toledano said expanding in Asia was important for the business.

“The world has changed over the last three or four years and the centre of gravity of the global economy is moving towards Asia?.?.?.?We are developing our business in this part of the world,” he said.

But Toledano said creating a brand experience was the long-term strategy.

“They go to the store and want to see it, feel it, understand it … We want every member of our staff to know all the information so the customer understands what we do,” he said.

This article is adapted from one that first appeared at SmartCompany.


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