Disrupt and delay: hardline strategy set to rock mining

Greenpeace and US-based environmental organisations have backed a sophisticated, well-funded strategy to undermine coal-mining development in Australia, according to newspaper reports.

New York-based Rockefeller Family Fund and Australian Wotif founder Graeme Wood are reportedly among the financiers. Wood donated $1.6 million to the Greens before the 2010 federal election.

A document, Stopping the Australian Coal Export Boom, has been drawn up to leverage the political situation in Australia over the next few years while the Greens control the Senate.

“Our strategy is to disrupt and delay key projects and infrastructure while gradually eroding public and political support for industry and continually building the power of the movement to win more,” the document states.

“We are seeking investment to help us build a nationwide coal ¬campaign that functions like an orchestra, with a large number of different voices combining together into a powerful symphony.”

The strategy includes plans to delay infrastructure, constrain space for mining, litigation funding, increase investor uncertainty and risk, increase costs and try to withdraw the social license of the coal industry.

Federal Resources Minister Martin Ferguson said: “Reports of elaborate strategies designed to destroy Australian industries and jobs are very disturbing.”


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