Flight Centre’s Graham Turner gets top CEO gong

Flight Centre co-founder Graham Turner has been named 2012’s best CEO by The Australian Financial Review, after he achieved a 60% rise in his company’s share price while taking home a pay packet of just $689,272.

The newspaper’s verdict was made by comparing the pay of ASX300 CEOs against the complexity and size of the companies they run.

The runner-up was Mineral Resources chief Peter Wade, while Metcash’s Andrew Reitzer came third.

The Harvard Business Review employs a different methodology to determine the ‘best’ CEO, focusing less on pay and more on overall share price rise over a leader’s entire tenure. We published their ranking today, which reveals Grant King at Origin Energy as the only Australian CEO who made HBR’s global cut. He came in at number 88, having achieved a total shareholder return of 985% when adjusted for the Australian share market, and 1,673% when adjusted for the global energy industry. 


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