Is Ahmed Fahour a Christmas ‘grinch’? Australia Post docks bonuses despite tidy profit

If Santa has a workshop, it’s probably the hundreds of Australia Post outlets that process and deliver the millions of gifts criss-crossing the country before December 25.

While I feel for the Australia Post workers, it’s perhaps this thought that terrifies me the most about the company docking its workers’ Christmas bonuses despite the compay posting a healthily-improved profit. 

According to reports, full-time workers will recieve a $100 voucher – to be spent at an Australia Post store – as well as $60 worth of stamps as their Christmas bonus. Last year, they recieved $500. The difference between this year and last in company profits? Well, Australia Post’s bottom line has gone from $241 million to $281 million.

The Communication Workers Union isn’t happy, and has drawn attention to Australia Post CEO Ahmed Fahour’s $874,000 bonus.

Australia Post spokespeople say the business is under stress.

But as many have pointed out, this is the busiest time of the year for postal staff, which is why giving them a tidy bonus is sensible. 

If this means my gifts don’t arrive on time, I’m blaming Fahour. 


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