Is it clever to outsource your own job? Most people say yes

A mild-mannered software developer was sacked when his bosses noticed that he wasn’t actually doing his job: he had outsourced it to China!

The developer, who was continually praised for the quality of his work by his employer, was outed when security staff noticed an active VPN [virtual private network] connection from Shenyang, China, according to the story  in The Age

While the Chinese subcontractor did the developer’s work for one fifth of his large salary, the gent spent his time on Reddit, Facebook, eBay and LinkedIn.

Interestingly, 87% of people who read the article in The Age think that the guy did was clever.  In the instant poll to which 55,674 people have so far responded, only 13% said the developer was “lazy”. 

We hope they gave the software developer in China a pay rise.


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