Labor MPs give Julia Gillard June deadline to improve Party’s fortunes

Julia Gillard has until the end of June to improve Labor’s political fortunes or lose the leadership, according to Party MPs.

The timeframe is touted as being enough to sell the May 8 budget, according to the Australian Financial Review.

The loss of support from the members of the powerful NSW right faction has struck a particularly hard blow for Gillard.

“Make no mistake, no one is happy with the polling,” said one senior member of the right faction, according to the AFR.

The antipathy towards Gillard has been brought home to Labor MPs after spending six weeks in their electorates.

“There is a lot of negativity towards Julia,” one MP said.

This sentiment towards Gillard is not only from swinging voters or the Coalition but from Labor members and supporters, said one MP who previously voted for her.

“Everyone wants her to do well, but most of us will be wiped out if the polls stay this shocking,” one NSW right faction member told the AFR.

“There is no counting going on and no firm candidates, but the bad polling can’t continue and we will have to make a change.”

The end of June coincides with the final week of the June Parliamentary sittings.


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