Slipper takes aim at Cabcharge claims

Federal House of Representatives Speaker Peter Slipper produced copies of Cabcharge documents last night, saying they proved he was innocent of accusations of misuse.

His former aide claims he saw Slipper pass blank Cabcharge dockets to a driver, but Slipper released copies of the documents for the dates nominated by the aide, saying it proved criminal allegations against him were false.

“These documents have all been completed by me and are clearly in my handwriting as I said they were,”?Slipper said.

“The so-called criminal allegation is a complete fabrication; just as the other claims are not accurate.

“I reject allegations that have been made against me.”

Independent MPs Andrew Wilkie, Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor all say Slipper should not return as Speaker until all claims against him are dealt with.

Tony Windsor believes Slipper should stay out of the chair until all matters against him are resolved.

“My advice to him would be to vacate the chair while all these inquiries are going on and not force it?to?a vote within the Parliament,” Windsor said.

“It is probably in the best (interest of) all of us, Peter Slipper included, that he steps aside as these matters are tidied up before resuming the chair.”


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