The six things chief Mayer needs to do to fix Yahoo

You better hope her paycheque is good.

Marissa Mayer, at six months pregnant, has left her position atop tech giant Google to take on one of the toughest gigs in Silicon Valley. Yahoo’s been lagging for years. And it’s had a bad few months. It’s last chief executive was turfed out following revelations his academic qualifications were not what he claimed they were. And at today’s quarterly earnings announcement, it’s earnings fell, down 4% from this time last year. Even if Mayer is Superwomen, she’s got a lot to fix, and few clear pointers on where to start.

The good folks at The Atlantic have had a shot, though. They’ve identified six things she needs to do to save the company. Chief among them is to put mobile first, buy Twitter (why not?), take on the news wire services and come up with new products.

Read the full list here.


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