Tony Abbott says the Government’s budget surplus is “a charade”

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says the Government’s forecast of a budget surplus in 2012/13 of $1.5 billion is “a charade”.

Abbott says even Treasurer Wayne Swan doubts it can be delivered, as Swan has failed to mention he has also increased the Government’s debt ceiling to $300 billion.

“It increases Australia’s credit card limit by $50 billion,” Abbott told the Nine Network.

“Obviously the Treasurer is deeply sceptical about his own surplus, because if the surplus was really there they wouldn’t need to borrow more.”

Abbott said the only reason the Government could forecast a surplus was because it transferred spending from next financial year to this year.

“This is why this whole business of a surplus is such a charade,” Abbott said.

“Yes it’s necessary for us to get to a surplus, but I don’t think anyone would say that is really what this Treasurer has delivered.”

“Sure he’s forecast a surplus, he’s done that before. What he’s actually delivered us is the four biggest deficits in history.”

Abbott said the budget failed to be as tough as promised.

“He’s delivered more taxes and more spending. It’s basically a handout budget.”


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