Why Jamie Dimon should resign from J.P. Morgan – and why we’re sick for thinking that is ridiculous

Jaclyn Densley /

Former J.P. Morgan chief investment officer, Ina Drew, one of the company’s highest-paid executives, gracefully stepped down from her post this week amid news of the stunning losses – a whopping $2 billion in bad trades – incurred by the financial services firm.

Her exit begs the question – to what extent do the upper echelon of business leaders have a responsibility to, not only their shareholders, but also their cities, communities and country? And are we suffering from a distinct lack of morality and overt self-interest in the economic sector?  

Michael Tomasky – author of Democracy: A journal of ideas – explores the issues passionately in his piece on The Daily Beast, arguing J.P. Morgan’s CEO Jamie Dimon should also step down. Click here for the full story.