Six (very serious) last-minute gift ideas for small business owners

Christmas party

Though there are just four days left until Christmas, you’ve still got time to run to the shops and get a present for the special small business owner in your life.

But what do you get someone who’s been busy making gravy all year? Gifts are hard enough to buy in the first place, and surely there’s nothing an Australian SME owner in 2018 could possibly want?

Well, think again! The SmartCompany team has compiled a list of the top five essential things small business owners want to see gift-wrapped under the Christmas tree come December 25  and even a couple which won’t break the budget.

1. A novelty mug

A quick google search for ‘small business mug’ throws up thousands of suggestions which are sure to make even the most grizzled retailer crack a smile. Take this one for example.

Image result for small business novelty mug



2.  A stable government

With a federal election pinned for the first half of next year, there’s nothing more exciting an SME owner could receive from a loved one than a stable, committed government.

This has been a hot-ticket item all year, with stock running particularly thin during August and into September. However, experts are suggesting shelves should be refilled in May next year, so this might be one for 2019’s Christmas list.

In the meantime, business owners might have to settle for a strong budget surplus and numerous SME-specific MYEFO policies as an interim gift. Thanks  Santa!

3. A novelty apron

This gift idea is perfect for the small business owner in your life, or even just someone who loves to chuck on the barbie come Christmas day. Aprons are convenient, practical, and the backbone of Australia’s economy much like small businesses themselves.

While something tacky like ‘kiss the chef’ or ‘the Grillfather’ might spring to mind when thinking about novelty aprons, our suggestion is far more subtle.


That’s sure to get the point across!

4. Speedy payment times

This is a gift it seemed small business owners might never receive, but a number of proactive pieces of legislation, coupled with a crucial inquiry from Australia’s Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman, has seen this become more likely than ever.

However, there’s still a lot of work to be done before quick payment times becomes a regular stocking stuffer, and many business owners are still feeling the pinch and seeing stymied cashflow thanks to big businesses dragging their feet.

Come 2019, we’re hoping to see some corporates’ hearts grow three times bigger and bestow a Christmas miracle (and a bit of general human decency) on some deserving business owners.

5. A novelty giant wine glass

This is the only serious gift suggestion on this list.

6.  Some time off

Finally, the one thing small business owners truly deserve over Christmas is a bit of downtime to unwind and stop thinking about their business for a while. The mental health of business owners has been another focus of 2018, with the government recently announcing a new $3.6 million package to tackle the issue.

Though a lot of small business owners will be working up to (and for some, including) Christmas day, we hope you all get a minute to relax with your friends and family (perhaps wearing a novelty apron).

Have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

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