Australians love Obama

Though Americans are the only voters who matter in next month’s US presidential election, the rest of the world definitely has an opinion. A new Reader’s Digest poll shows an overwhelming majority of Australians want Barack Obama as the next president of the United States.

Over 75% of Australians said they would vote for Obama if they could, while only 10% say they would vote for Republican candidate John McCain.

The poll, which surveyed residents in over 15 countries including Brazil, Canada, Finland, Germany and Mexico, found the majority of respondents want Obama as president. He is most popular in the Netherlands, where 90% of those surveyed want the Illinois senator as president.

A whopping 85% of Australians say they are paying attention to the US election, while nearly 25% say they have a high level of interest.

But they won’t be moving any time soon; 71% of Australians say they don’t want to live in the United States.


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