Nine groups lodge objections to REA’s ‘’ trademark bid

Nine groups have lodged objections with IP Australia to REA Group’s application to trademark the name ‘’.

The time frame to lodge objections has passed.

The Real Estate Institute of Australia spoke out against the trademark application, saying that the term ‘real estate’ is widely used by other industry groups and businesses.

REIA CEO Amanda Lynch said that everyone should be able to accurately identify the types of goods and services that they sell and that ‘real estate’ is a generic term of common useage.

“To allow a single company to claim trademark rights to a generic term would impoverish the language and unfairly hamper competition,” said Lynch.

She noted that one of the objections was from ABC Real Estate and said it’s clear why they’ve lodged a formal objection.

“Their situation is not a unique one and if this trademark is approved then it could harm or negatively impact on other businesses,” she said.

“It is a totally unnecessary move by REA Group that not only does nothing to instil sector confidence in the REA Group but also results in businesses having to waste time on lodgement fees with IP Australia as well as lawyers.”

When Property Observer asked readers where REA Group should be allowed to trademark the term, the majority said ‘yes’.

This story first appeared on Property Observer.


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