The 10 most read articles on SmartCompany since the beginning

Whether it’s working out the differences between sales and marketing, figuring out LinkedIn etiquette, or even deciding on which next device to buy, the stories that capture the attention of SmartCompany readers are varied, advice-based, and sometimes downright quirky.

But there is usually a common theme and that is content that will help the reader grow or improve their business.

As we celebrate SmartCompany‘s 10th birthday, here’s the 10 most read articles on SmartCompany of all time:

  1. Five top business ideas that made millions
  2. A cheeky little guide to how Australians can join the Netflix revolution
  3. Seven differences between sales and marketing
  4. Don’t investigate employees on Facebook, expert warns
  5. History’s top 10 computer viruses
  6. The right way to respond to a headhunter’s approach on LinkedIn
  7. 10 ways to make your business appear bigger than it actually is
  8. 25 corporate collapses and the lessons learnt
  9. The top 20 Australian online retailers of 2013
  10. Should you buy an iPad 2 – the pros and cons


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