The most-read stories on SmartCompany in 2021

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As businesses across the country grappled with lockdowns and changing restrictions during 2021, the most well-read stories on SmartCompany this year were articles that sought to explain the various rules and support programs available to SMEs .

While last year’s most read stories were dominated by JobKeeper, this year’s list features a more diverse group of articles.

Business lessons from Harvey Norman’s PR disaster and Eddie Maguire’s resignation also captured the attention of readers, as did the meteoric rise of Canva

Keep reading for a list of the most-read stories this year on SmartCompany, as well as 10 popular stories from previous years. 

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The top 10 stories on SmartCompany in 2021

  1. Stopping the downward spiral: Harvey Norman’s PR disaster continues
  2. ATO seeks urgent appeal over tribunal’s decision to grant sole trader access to JobKeeper
  3. Explained: The COVID-19 support payments available to Victorian small businesses
  4. ANZAC Day: A state-by-state guide to 2021 trading hours
  5. Aussie entrepreneur takes on Uber Eats and Deliveroo with commission-free food delivery platform
  6. “Don’t just stand back and throw rocks”: Five business lessons from the Eddie McGuire saga
  7. Explained: New vaccination and permit rules in Sydney’s LGAs of concern
  8. Andrew Forrest and Anthony Pratt embroiled in bushfire recovery grants controversy
  9. Canva will soon be worth more than Atlassian and Afterpay. Here’s why
  10. NSW lockdown: Small business support grants announced; Dine & Discover extended

Ten stories from the archives that remain popular

  1. Coffee pod company iCapsulate collapses into administration after being offered biggest ever Shark Tank deal
  2. Four ways to identify more business opportunities
  3. Five factors to consider when pricing products or services
  4. The magnificent seven aspects of integrity
  5. Five steps to get a sustainable competitive advantage
  6. What is business etiquette?
  7. Should your business use Afterpay? All the pros and cons explained
  8. What is the correct title for a salesperson?
  9. Six common manifestations of everyday sexism at work
  10. Top five government grants for startups


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