Highly recommended: 19 podcasts you should be listening to

If you read this morning’s cover story, you’ll know revenue growth in the Australian podcast market is set to outstrip the global average of 30% and hit $47 million by the end of this year.

“Audience uptake is increasing at impressive rates with over 1.6 million Australians now regularly downloading content, an increase of 70% since 2015,” according to Deloitte.

In our cover story, we talked about why a growing number of high-profile entrepreneurs and even more business owners are investing in podcasts, and why you potentially should too.

So to round out our coverage, here are some podcast recommendations, from entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, in case you’re looking for inspiration or to learn something new.

Monica Wulff, WeWork Labs Manager, recommends:


Board Level. “A new podcast by the Australian Institute of Company Directors about women in directorship. It’s really good for hearing about career progression, but also getting a deeper understanding of governance.”

Work Life with Adam Grant. “Adam studies and shares how to make your work-life ‘not suck’ (his words not mine). It’s a valuable, well researched and enjoyable podcast about work-life that’s relevant to entrepreneurs as well as employees.”

Land of Giants. “A deep dive into the behemoth that is Amazon, with each episode covering a different area of the business.”

Dolly Parton’s America. “A deep dive into Dolly Parton, her career and the impact that she’s had on American culture. It includes first-hand interviews with Dolly and her family members. You’ll come out of it with a new appreciation for Dolly but also a healthy amount of scepticism.”

Switched on Pop. “A forensic look into pop culture music and why certain songs and bands get worldwide acclaim. I’ve never thought so deeply about pop music until this podcast.”

No Such Thing as a Fish. “A weekly podcast where four QI elves each share a fact they’ve comes across in the past seven days. It’s educational, humorous and equips you with a tonne of general knowledge.”

Mob Queens.”Unlocking the life and legacy of one of the only high-ranking women in the mob in the 20th century. This podcast gives a new narrative to the world of mobsters and their vital role in enabling the drag scene in New York City.”

Zane Sabré, MAISON de SABRÉ co-founder, recommends:

Marketing School. “The hosts of Marketing School deliver daily digital marketing lessons learnt from years of experience. Given MAISON de SABRÉ is an e-commerce business, both myself and my brother Omar believe it’s crucial that we stay educated on key marketing trends that play a pivotal role in running an online business. This podcast does a great job of exploring areas such as the latest trends in SEO, content marketing, social media, email marketing, conversion optimisation and general online tactics, all in bite-size episodes so it’s really easy to digest.”

Group Chat. “Group Chat keeps things light and a little less serious which makes it the perfect listen during the car ride home on a Friday afternoon. It is hosted by three successful guys who happen to be friends, so while they deliver facts on all things business, culture and current affairs, they talk about them in the most entertaining way which makes a nice change from some business podcasts that can often be quite intense.”

GaryVee Audio Experience. “What I love about Gary Vee’s podcast is that the episodes are short and sweet but packed with a punch. Everything Gary has to say is of nothing but great value, inspiration and the truth. After listening to one of his episodes I always walk away feeling like I’ve gained something that can help me achieve more results in life — be it my work life or home life.”

Kym Atkins, The Volte chief executive officer, recommends:

Founders on Air. “This podcast, hosted by Mike Rosenbaum and Steve Orenstein, provides such awesome insight into founders and their journey. I’ve already gained so many great tips!”

No Filter. “A podcast by Mamamia’s Mia Freedman.”

Wilosophy. “A podcast by Will Anderson.”

Becoming (audiobook). “Michelle Obama herself reads her autobiography, so by the end, you actually feel like she is your best friend!”

Adrian Kitto, Detexian co-founder and chief technology officer, recommends:


Darknet Diaries. “I listen to Darknet Diaries for security stories and background material.”

Risky Biz. “I listen to Risky Biz for my current security news.”

13 Minutes to the Moon. “I listen to most of what the BBC science unit produces, but I highly recommend 13 minutes to the Moon, which is the story of the Apollo program.”

Carrie Kwan, Mums & Co co-founder, recommends:

The Pitch. “A podcast show where real entrepreneurs pitch to real investors.”

The Whole-Brain Child. “Dr Daniel Siegel speaks to Steven Winn about his parenting book, The Whole-Brain Child. I read this book five years ago and found it fascinating. Currently, I am in the thick of navigating the challenges of understanding how to best raise and understand two young boys, so it’s relevant today too.”

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