Recommended by entrepreneurs: 10 podcasts you should be listening to

Anthony Zaccaria

Linktree co-founder Anthony Zaccaria.

For the past 10 or so months, most of us have been glued to our phones, computers and televisions, undergoing a love-hate relationship with the news.

This Christmas, however, offers everyone, whether you run a business or work for one, the chance to take a break.

But switching off doesn’t have to mean going ‘off the grid’.

For those who still want to consume media, learn things and keep the cogs in their heads turning, podcasts might just be the happy medium you’re looking for.

Whether you’re interested in business inspiration, the songwriting process, ancient philosophy or the future of fairness, there’s something for you.

Here are 10 podcasts you should add to your must-listen-to list.

Anthony Zaccaria

Co-founder of Linktree

While I listen to the likes of How I Built This for business inspiration, Song Exploder provides a different kind of inspiration.

The podcast invites musicians to take their songs apart and break down their songwriting process. 

It’s hosted by Hrishikesh Hirway and I’ve found that it completely changes and adds meaning to the way you really hear a song afterwards. 

Laura Keily

Immediation founder Laura Keily.

Laura Keily

Founder and managing director of Immediation

The Michelle Obama Podcast is a great listen.

The former first lady dives into conversations with family, friends and colleagues about the relationships in our lives that make us who we are.

The podcast is warm, upbeat and intimate. She’s someone I look up to. 

Lisa Cox

Muse Management director Lisa Cox

Lisa Cox

Director at Muse Management

The Quicky is part of the Mamamia network and as a long-time media junkie, I love to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in our world.

Each day, it does a deep-dive into a current news story (such as the recent US election or COVID-19 vaccines, and gives you greater insight than you can get in a 30-second news headline. 

Barbara Hyman

PredictiveHire chief Barbara Hyman.

Barbara Hyman

CEO of PredictiveHire

Against the Rules by Michael Lewis, hands down.

His ideas, books and insights are all extremely interesting.

This particular podcast is an eye-opening deep-dive into what’s happened to fairness, who is trying to level the playing field, and whether or not they are making an impact.

Jason Waller

InteliCare chief Jason Waller.

Jason Waller

CEO of InteliCare

Masters of Scale by Reid Hoffman, the founder of LinkedIn.

Each episode interviews successful C-level executives and founders, diving into the problems they faced scaling their company from one to, 1,000 and beyond.

That’s InteliCare’s major challenge, so I live and breathe this podcast.

I’ve had plenty of ah-ha moments from this podcast that I’ve rapidly executed on.

Ben Lucas

Flow Athletic director Ben Lucas.

Ben Lucas

Director at Flow Athletic

The Daily Stoic offers snippets of ancient philosophy that helps you deal with the hard times.

Yvonne Kelly

Glow Up Careers founder Yvonne Kelly.

Yvonne Kelly

Founder of Glow Up Careers

The Small Business Big Marketing Show by Timbo Read.

I wait excitedly for episodes each week to hear from other entrepreneurs about their business stories, and highs and lows, as well as excellent marketing tips. 

Brodie Haupt

WLTH co-founder and chief Brodie Haupt.

Brodie Haupt

CEO and co-founder of WLTH

I absolutely love How I Built This with Guy Raz.

It’s great to hear the stories of how some of the major companies around the world have started and got to where they are today. 

Justine Alter and Sarah Cotton

Transitioning Well co-directors Justine Alter and Sarah Cotton.

Justine Alter

Co-founder and director Transitioning Well

I’m really enjoying Simon Sinek’s A Bit of Optimism.

The stories are real, sensitive and inspiring. He has a unique ability to show compassion and a way with words! 

Sarah Cichy

Piccolo PR founder Sarah Cichy.

Sarah Cichy

Founder of Piccolo PR and Cali Lash Eye Lash

I love Lady StartUp by Mamamia.

It is a podcast that shines a spotlight on amazing, talented and fiercely determined women who share information, struggles and successes in a fun format.

It’s approachable, light and educative.


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