Parliament House. Source: Unsplash/socialestate

Paul Brescia

A six-step strategy for lobbying government: Kate Carnell and Jo Scard give the inside account

Paul Brescia
7 minute Read

Government and the public service work for you. Hypothetically, it should be easy enough to get in contact with a local member, council person, or representative when you have a problem that needs a solution. In many ways it is. Nonetheless, the idea can sometimes be daunting.

So, where do you start? Who do you call? What do you tell them? And how do you follow up?

SmartCompany Plus spoke to to PR expert Jo Scard and former small business ombudsman Kate Carnell to put this guide together.

Importantly, the piece helps to remove the hesitation that people can feel towards interacting with the bureaucracy and government.

Scard has more than 20 years of experience across communications, media and political advisory roles. Scard started her career in a minister’s office as an advisor, before moving to journalism and then founding strategic PR firm Fifty Acres.

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