From purpose to values: Six ideas to set the stage for your brand in 2019

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It’s that recap time of year, so here are six ideas from across 2018 to help set the stage for your thinking as you prepare for 2019.

But before we dive in, a shout out to all the makers and doers who work tirelessly behind the scenes and on the frontlines of organisations small, large and in-between.

Thank you for having the sheer ‘stubborn gladness’ to show up every day. This blog would be a shadow of itself without the inspiration of your boundless commitment.

The ideas 

  1. Topping the list are the promises you make and keep. Click to learn about the temptation to over-promise and how to fix it.
  2. You’ll struggle with your promises unless you have a good handle on your purpose specifically and identity more broadly. Click to learn how to avoid failure and get a successful brand result.
  3. Nailing purpose is a relative walk in the park compared to helping people in your organisation find a personal connection with it. Click to learn how to make the organisation’s purpose personally meaningful.
  4. With all the noise around purpose, let’s not to forget about values. Values are your organisation’s engine room — you won’t go anywhere without them.
  5. Those pesky promises don’t keep themselves, they happen via the experience you deliver to your customers, but also to employees and all stakeholders. In experience design, when everything is a priority, nothing is.
  6. The experience is made up of hundreds of everyday actions and decisions. Click to learn why achieving your brand takes unheroic work — the backbone of every one of your brand results.

Happy holidays and joy and peace for 2019.

See you next year.

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