How to find a good board

Tom Potter founded Eagle Boys Pizza in 1987, and sold the business in 2007 to a private equity firm when revenue was about $100 million. He says finding a good board can do wonders for your business.

“I don’t think that you can under-estimate the value of a board. Bringing in a board of directors very early is hugely critical. If I had had my time over, I would have brought inside probably the first two years of the business. It took me 10 years to do it. People say, ‘Oh, I can’t afford it’ and my response is, ‘You can’t afford not to, even if you just have a quarterly meeting of people who are there for no other reason than to help you. “

“Surrounding yourself with people who’ve been there and done it… they’ve got a bit of grey power and they’re happy to advise you. So I think that that’s critical. Not just for advice but also for discipline.”

“I mean I was 100% owner of this company for 20 years and I don’t think we ever went to a vote on the board, based on the fact that a lot of the times I’d present up to the board an idea. They’d tell me I was off my head, go away and think about it and re-present the upsides and the downsides.”

“By the time the next board meeting came around I’d either turn up and say, ‘You were dead right’ or I would re-present, giving a lot more thought and realising that there was either more opportunity or more risk involved. So it was good.”

“I think that that is a great tip if you can surround yourself with two or three advisers and have structured meetings every month or every two or three months.”

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