How to make your strategic plan live and breathe

Michael Russell, the chief executive of Mortgage Choice, Australia’s largest independent mortgage broker, recently launched his new strategy with the snazzy new title of DREAM, which stands for Diversification, Recruitment, Existing Franchiser Support, Acquisition and Managing costs.

“In order to deliver the strategy and then make sure it is a living, breathing plan, we needed to make sure it lives and breathes throughout the full financial year.”

“We needed to obviously name the plan so that our staff and our franchisees can attach to it all year round. So we continually run a lot of events here to just reinforce the plan. All the staff have dream catchers over their desks and we’re having a little bit of fun with the name of the strategic plan.

“And that’s the idea of it – we need to have it front of mind right throughout the financial year.”

Read a full profile of Mortgage Choice chief executive Michael Russell.


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