How to survive with a slim product line

Chris Ryan runs Strike Group with business partner Adam Rockett, an online site for mobile accessories. The company focuses on imports, but tries to keep its product lines low.

“Importing and exporting has its challenges and currency fluctuations are one of those. But our model is based on not trying to stock everything that’s ever been made, which is how our competitors’ businesses are placed.”

“If you’re not managing too many different lines, you’re on a level playing field with everyone else in Australia. If the dollar weakens it makes it harder to import products, but our competitors are going through that as well, so having focus allows us to mitigate that risk.”

“There may be in the short-term a loss of profit or revenue for not stocking a competing product, but it’s about building the brand and in the long-term that will become profitable for us.”

Read more about Chris Ryan and Strike Group.


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