How to tailor your strategy when building your business

John Symond’s Aussie Home Loans has continued to grow despite ructions in the mortgage market. His advice? Don’t be a victim, especially as circumstances change and customer needs evolve.

He explains how to tailor your strategy when building your business.

“Entrepreneurs and business owners must realise that circumstances change, customer needs change. There will be events that nobody has predicted and that’s evidenced with the current credit crunch fallout which is having wide reaching effects globally.”

“You really need to think change and adapt very, very quickly. I saw the credit crunch initially as a huge concern and we’ve turned that into an advantage for us. That’s without the Commonwealth Bank involvement, and we then had to work out how could we absolutely leverage our strong position and we worked very quickly, and the good thing with the Commonwealth Bank was they had a strong appetite for investment with Aussie because they approached me and I had never been out to look at selling part or whole of the business.”

“You need to be on the lookout for ways to grow your business rather than just organically, and that really does mean that you need strong business relationships and partnerships with those organisations that share the same vision synergistically, and you need to understand very clearly those areas of your business that would benefit by forging strong relationships.”

“You’ve also got to be in a position to adjust very quickly to changing market circumstances, and fortunately for us Aussie is an organisation that is used to change. We embrace change. We always have. We always look for opportunities and the positive nature of change rather than be a victim of change, which unfortunately many organisations succumb to.”

Read the full interview with John Symond from Aussie Home Loans.


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