Power Play: Watch the body language

If it’s not for public consumption, then make certain your body doesn’t betray you.

Watch your body language in the mirror. Get to know your natural quirks and understand just how much information your body language can communicate.

True Power Players never use their body language to exploit, boss, hurt, humiliate or terrify anyone in the room, no matter what.

They understand their body language speaks volumes. It can be used to inspire confidence and show a sense of great calm.

Body language can often be manipulative. And Power Players are no fans of manipulation. They never experiment with passive aggression either.

Look up and you’re either uncertain or just plain lying.

Look down and you’re having a crisis of confidence.

Place your arms akimbo and everyone thinks you’re angry.

Slouch and you look like you’ve already lost.

Power Players know that body language can give them away quicker than anything else can. They control their mannerisms and quirks so that no one knows what they’re thinking until they say it out loud.


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