Renae and Roy Kunda

Renae and Roy Kunda are the owners of Cape York Motorcycle Adventures. Source: supplied.

Renae Kunda

The four key points that judges use to adjudicate business awards

Renae Kunda
Business Advice
5 minute Read

I was recently asked to judge a prestigious business award, and it got me wondering if I had what it took to do that job. I have written quite a few submissions, and I have been an entrant in this particular award on four different occasions. That was the first criteria for the invitation to be a judge; you have to be in the alumni family. 

In my early days of writing submissions, I had never thought about what would happen after the writing process. I knew it went off to be judged, but I did not know who would see it or what they would do with the information. How silly was that! I was giving my knowledge and intellectual property away without checking who was going to see it — but not anymore. The judging process has changed my whole perspective.

The second question I had to ask myself was whether I had time to commit to the process.

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