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This week in 2007: Branson’s search for a hero, and Murdoch’s Myspace bet

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Ah, Valentine’s Day. My absolute favourite time of year.

The flowers, the glassy-eyed couples parading themselves down boulevards, the ACHING DISAPPOINTMENT OF BEING FORGOTTEN ENTIRELY.

Yes. It’s a charming time of year. And no more so than back in 2007 when the unrequited love of my life, Sir Richard Branson, gallantly put up a $US25 million prize for the scientist who could come up with a way of extracting greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere.

Who won? We don’t know yet. They’re still considering a longlist after all this time. Obviously Mr Branson takes his time when it comes to love (I’m ready when you are Sir Richard.)

Meanwhile, in a love that went nowhere very quickly, Rupert Murdoch said of his newest crush: “Myspace is the big star at the moment. I see tremendous growth in it and it being a very big profit driver for the overall company in the coming years.”

Famously, that never happened, and Murdoch sold it a few years later for $US35 million. He’d paid $US580m for it.

Ouch, love hurts.

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